• Ankarsrums Bruk was founded in 1655

    Ankarsrums Bruk was founded in 1655


Ankarsrum Motors

Ankarsrum Motors is development and manufacturing partner of DC motors, Universal motors and systems solutions within kitchen appliances, health care and the welding industry.

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Ankarsrum Kitchen

Ankarsrum Assistent Original® has been around for more than 75 years. What started as a kitchen machine for professional use is now an important part of households around the world.

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Ankarsrum Die Casting

Ankarsrum Die Casting offers high-pressure aluminium die casting (HPDC) and Post processing.

Welcome to Ankarsrum Die Casting AB.

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Ankarsrum Industries

Ankarsrums Bruk was founded in 1655 and is one of the oldest companies in Sweden still being in operation.

In the early 20th century Ankarsrum was a leading producer of wood, gas and electrical stoves. In 1968 Ankarsrum was bought by Electrolux.

In 2001 AB Traction bought Ankarsrum from Electrolux and renamed it Ankarsrum Industries.

Today Ankarsrum Industries consists of four separarate legal entities;  Ankarsrum Motors AB, Ankarsrum Die Casting ABAnkarsrum Kitchen AB and Ankarsrum Fastighet AB.

Quick Facts Ankarsrum Industries

  • Ankarsrum Industries has approximately 120 employees in total and consists of 4 separate companies.
  • Ankarsrum Motors AB - Developing, Producing and Selling DC- and AC/ Universal Motors for the Welding-, Health Care- and Small Appliance Industry. The Company also produces the stand mixer/ kitchen machine Ankarsrum Assistent Original.
  • Ankarsrum Kitchen AB - Marketing and selling the stand mixer/ kitchen machine Ankarsrum Assistent Original.
  • Ankarsrum Die Casting AB - producing aluminum die casted parts, mainly for the automotive industry.
  • Ankarsrum Fastighet AB - Property maintanance
  • Traction AB is the owner of Ankarsrum Industries since 2001. Traction AB is a Private equity firm (publ) listed on Nasdaq OMX Nordic Stockholm Mid Cap.


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"To provide centerpieces of the kitchen  -today & tomorrow"

Ankarsrum Kitchen Mission

News Ankarsrum Industries Group

Exhibition Ankarsrum Motors


When SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN opens its doors from September 25 to 29, 2017, an attractive...

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Ankarsrum Kitchen Global bread

Global bread

The world´s first global bread baked from algorithms For the first time ever, it is possible...

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Ankarsrum Die Casting Xray

New Xray technology

Investment in new Xray technology During September 2016, we have installed our brand new Xray,...

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